Who is Tracy Pierce?

Tracy Pierce is a retired podiatrist and registered nurse specializing in cosmetic medicine since 1997. She received her BSN from Fitchburg State University and earned her doctorate at Temple University, graduating with a DPM in 1995. Upon finishing her residency in 1996, Dr. Pierce completed a Cosmetic Preceptorship, perfecting cosmetic enhancement procedures for the lower extremity. While in a shared practice with a cosmetic surgeon, she practiced as an aesthetic foot surgeon and also performed all facial rejuvenation procedures and injections as a Cosmetic Nurse Specialist.


In 2002, Ms. Pierce was one of the first nurses in MA to perform cosmetic injections. She is a gifted Certified Nurse Injector trained in advanced injection techniques for both Botox and dermal fillers. Legislation was enacted in 2007 enabling nurses to perform cosmetic facial injections, based largely on practices and procedures she established.

In 2008, Ms. Pierce was honored to be selected by Bioform (now Merz Aesthetic) as 1 of only 6 Field Clinical Specialists qualified to train doctors and nurse injectors in the proper use of facial filler injections. Her vast experience helped advance the concept of injecting fillers into the cheeks rather than the nasal labial folds (smile lines) to achieve a more natural looking, youthful outcome when treating mid-face volume loss.


“Talented, smart, experienced, and wonderful. It’s hard to find…”

I have been visiting Tracy Pierce for nearly 15 years. Holy Cow! 15 years.. yet, I do not look much different from the first visit with her, if that does speak volumes!

Being a client of Tracy is an honor, more than anything else. Never could I refer to it as a “treatment”, that seems like a frightening term. But to me it is considered a gift. Not only will you leave Tracy feeling beautiful about your looks, but your soul will be enriched more than words can describe. Life throws us many curves and we are all on a forever changing path.

Over the year Tracy and I have had to meet at various locations, but the results were always consistent. She is talented, smart, experienced and wonderful. It’s hard to find a human like her.

Let Tracy show you her talent, you will be surprised that she can help fix more than just your wrinkles!

Wrinkle free for over a decade!

“Every time, she was right.”

I have been a client of Tracy’s for over 8 years. I initially went to see her to help me with premature lip lines. I was a nervous wreck. I did not want overinflated lips and was very hesitant to take the leap and listen to Tracy’s advice about what would work for me. I am glad I did. Today, my lip lines are very minimal, almost nonexistent. I have so much respect for Tracy, she is not only very good at what she does, she listens well and is extremely patient. On several occasions, especially early on, I would go into panic mode after seeing her because my lips would be a little swollen. She would reassure me that within 24 hours, they would be back to normal and the lines would be reduced. Every time, she was right. In addition to her reassurance, she always follows up with me the next day. Especially when she knows I am nervous.

Over the years she has put up with that nervousness while being kind and understanding, just what you want in someone in Tracy’s position. I have also received fillers and Botox from Tracy and with each treatment, my confidence in her only grows. In the 8 years since we met, Tracy has become more than a practitioner to me. I think the world of her and count her among my close friends. I would recommend her work to anyone. She is the best at what she does and her friendship is a bonus.

Wrinkle free for over a decade!